Vicious Wishes' Fandom Corner

Where You Look Down, I've Walked Before
Completed 05/2006.

The Calm Below That Poisoned the River Wild
Angel/Wesley. NC17. Completed 08/2004.

You Were My Only Home
Angel/Wesley. NC17. 103,800 words. Completed 08/2004.

A Short Interlude
Angel misses Wesley and Connor while they're in England.
Angel/Wesley. NC17. 5,466 words. Completed 09/2004.

Searching Our Past for the True
Spike and Faith move in and shake up Angel and Wesley's life.
Angel/Spike/Wesley. NC17. 122,400 words. Completed 11/2004.

Tears That Dry On a Rude Awakened Child
Angel and Wesley get used to Spike living with them.
Angel/Spike/Wesley. NC17. 58,200 words. Completed 02/2005.

Fall Away From Us In Time
Sometimes, things just don't work.
Angel/Spike/Wesley. NC17. 35,900 words. Completed 04/2005.

You and I
Angel, Wesley, and Connor take a vacation to relax.
Angel/Wesley. NC17. 29,000 words. Completed 05/2006.

Awkward Pauses
Angel and Anya have some bonding time.
Angel and Anya. G. 816 words. Completed 09/2008.

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